1628 36th Street NE - Larimore, ND 58251

North Dakota Class 1 and 2
Concealed Weapon Training
NRA & ND BCI Certified Instructors

Straight Shot Training Center, LLC

We are your
"One Stop Shop"
for all your small arms weapons training.

Our range is heated and lighted for the weather conditions.
The range hase moveable targets for 33 yards to 3 yards.

The range is also open to archery, skeet shooters and small arms shooters at $15.00 per person / 1 hour limit, per day.

Weapon rental $15 per person.

We train all legal weapon owners on
weapon handling and safety.

We have the capabilty of mobile travel; going anywhere
the shooting test can be performed.

We use a laser simulator for weapons training with
first time weapon owners.

"I wanted to learn to handle a firearm comfortably. Chuck did a great job covering basics of the pistol and the revolver so that i had a good understanding of each and how the mechanisms work. Safety is a huge priority for me and this was an equally important part of training. Appreciated the chance to handle the firearms and practice shooting at the range. This training really improved my knowledge and confidence."

-Satisfied Customer






We administer North Dakota Class 1 and Class 2 concealed weapon certification on weekdays:

Class Schedule

Mondays 9am,1pm,6pm
Tuesdays 9am,1pm,6pm
Thursdays 9am,1pm,6pm
Fridays 9am,1pm,6pm
Wednesdays & Saturdays 9am

Classes can accomodate students from 2 to 12 one-day sessions.

The fee of $100.00, Renewal Fee is $75.00, Upgrades $75.00,
the class instruction, range fees, finger prints and 2 passport photos.

Chuck Zawistowski
Concealed Weapon License Test Administrator.
Certified by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Certified in basic pistol shooting by the NRA.

Contact Chuck for dates and reservations:
or eMail us at

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover.

1628 36th Street NE - Larimore, ND 58251
1 mile East of Larimore on Grand Forks County Road 4 and
1/4 mile North on Grand Forks CR4A or
2 miles South of the Larimore Golf Course